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The Gamma Lota Chapter of Delta Tau Delta

Posted By on September 5, 2010

This chapter was established at Texas University, Austin, in 1904.  From its inception, it sought to be “committed to lives of excellence” in all actions.  These include: power, courage, truth and faith which are “all attributes that the brothers of Gamma lota strive to attain.”

Its work centers around establishing excellence in academics as well as extra-curricular campus activities.   It has now become a chapter of which its members can be proud, with a strong sense of brotherhood.
Throughout the last 94 years we have established a tradition of excellence in academics, campus leadership, social activity, philanthropy, athletics, and brotherhood that we are proud to say has led us to become the chapter we are today. We invite you to visit this website to become familiar with one of the nation’s strongest and largest chapters of Delta Tau Delta.

Wedding Congratulations

Posted By on April 13, 2014

I guess every girl wants to marry. The white dress, veil, the groom, like a prince, relatives, uttering greetings in verse! All this is reminiscent of a fairy tale with a happy ending! I want to sing and dance, and all tell us about their comprehensive luck! And in this wonderful day when the flowers and poems for the wedding flow like water, young, not thinking about what they will have a full cup to drink together to the bottom. Someone there will be wine as sweet as honey and someone bitter and astringent, as a field wormwood. Various roads will have to go for young couples to realize how important marriage in the personality of each of them. Only a very few brides and grooms are serious instructions mature in experience aunts and uncles, who are trying to teach them mutual respect in the congratulations for a wedding in verse.

Of course, relatives, wishing us good and only good, but people are so arranged that the mistakes of others they do not learn. But perhaps the best. It makes no sense to live someone else's life, guided by the inscriptions in the postcards with the poems for the wedding. Much better to live and feel and suffer and cry over the lesions and enjoy a small but incredibly important conquests! In the end, it is life. Our life.

Good or bad, udavshayasya, or not … All of this – an invaluable experience, which may differ from presented to congratulations for a wedding in verse. It will affect our character, intruding into relationships with others, to manage actions in complex situations. All this, of course, will be. That's why all the young want the wedding day wish a positive life experience which would be as bright and kind, like greetings in verse, presented at their wedding! Let all of life will be full of love, respect and affection for each other, like presented in wedding poems. And after many years of brides and grooms today again with happy together reread congratulations for a wedding in verse!

The Asdara

Posted By on April 6, 2014

The first of these is that you have to know what your child’s needs, and is not about the needs that he says have, but their real needs. The next step is to consider how those needs can be covered. For example in the event that your child likes to invite from time When a friend to stay at his house, would have to think about purchasing a bunk or a trundle bed and see which of these options is best suited to the dimensions of the bedroom. Something that must not lose sight, are the personal tastes of your child for the type of furniture you want to and will have to agree with him on this issue. The issue is that he knows well differentiate what it is what you think need and that is what you really need.

It may happen that its budget be adjusted but keep in mind in a furniture outlet will offer you a comfortable financing as well as great prices. Your child bedroom has to be comprehensive or at least give that impression, and also provide freedom of movement. Think about that when you go to the furniture outlet. Remember that if size is a problem you can purchase modules with wheels and shelves that will help you resolve this issue. Beds which have drawers underneath and nest beds are also allied in save space. Finally think that the Cabinet must also provide enough space for all your child’s belongings. In a furniture outlet you can buy everything you do you lack your child because there are many opportunities and varied and it is to everyone’s taste. The Asdara furniture company is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture, and has a section of mobles outlet. Youth outlet furniture you can found on the web.


Posted By on March 31, 2014

Not agreed Russians polled in what age a woman to marry more difficult, although most came to the conclusion that to put a stamp in the passport is easy, but finding someone with whom it is best to tie life – much difficult … 3% of respondents agreed that the complexity of the marriage may have a 20 year old girls. Some attribute this to inexperience in the household. A leading source for info: hedge fund industry. “Cooking can not, can not do anything” – think men. The most difficult thing to get married at 25 and 45 years – believed to 4%. That is not easy to get married at 30, 35 and 40 years, no doubt 12%, 13% and 12% respectively. The majority of Russians agree that after 30 years, women have become much for clarity, gain experience with men.

Make a decision about marriage does not give them experience and excessive demands. In addition, according to the same respondents, some ladies like to be independent and they do not rush to tie the knot Hymen. 16% of those surveyed are of the opinion that the most difficult to get married at age 50. Because: “The older the woman, the harder it change established habits, to adapt to another person to accept his shortcomings and try to eliminate their. ” The most pessimistic on the likelihood of marriage at the age of 50 years watching young Russians (about 26%). It is also interesting that both sexes look at age and the associated problems with the marriage differently.

For example, the number of women who believe that difficult to get married at age 25 exceeds the number of men with the same opinion (5% vs 3%). In turn, men are more critically regard the marriage chances of 40 – and 50-year-old women. The view that marriage is hard at any age, women are much more likely to support the men (25% and 17% respectively). However, she and the other side will clarify that it is hard not to “put stamp in the passport, “and” go beyond the standing and the right person. ” At the same lady with a bitter note that good men do we have left very little. Difficult to answer about 14% of Russians. Some people just do not think about it question, and someone thinks that “it all depends on the woman, her personal qualities, self-esteem, not her age.

The Nobel Prize For Being Human

Posted By on March 29, 2014

' ' The injustice in a place any is a threat to justice in all lugar' '. Martin Luther King – Prize Nobel of the Peace in 1964. DOOR OPENED IN the SKY I know your workmanships here it is that I have rank of you ahead an opened door, which nobody can close and that you have little force; however, you kept my word and you did not deny my name. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 3:8. Unsealed the veil of Isis, JESUS left to the Humanity a door opened in the sky. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit hedge funds. Not to confuse the Apocalypse with a game of chance is very important, therefore it discloses and frees the Human being of mooring cables of the past, so that it has a promising future with the good accomplishments in the gift. ' ' One of the important things of the violence is not that it does not search to destroy the person, but transform-la' '.

Martin Luther King Prize Nobel of the Peace in 1964. THE GOOD PRESENCE IN THE NEW YEAR I advise to you that of me you buy fine gold for the fire to become really rich and to wear white vestiduras, so that she is not manifest the shame of your nudez, and colrio for ungires your eyes, so that you see with perfection. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 3:18. The Apocalypse is not a revelation any, therefore it shows the relation of the Human being in the two worlds: spiritual and material. Its Revelation is daily not to leave the person is of orbit.

' ' The fire is the test of the gold; the misery, of the man forte' '. Sneca Roman Philosopher. THE GLORIFICAO OF THE NAME DE JESUS 11 Vi and I heard, then, the voice of many Angels around of the throne, the living beings and the ancios, whose number age of millions of millions and thousand of thousand, 12 proclaiming in great shout: Worthy it is the Lamb of GOD, who was deceased, to receive the virtue and the dignity, and the power and the wealth, and wisdom, and ortaleza, and honors, and glory and louvor.

You Think Gift

Posted By on March 24, 2014

When choosing gifts with the symbol of the year should pay attention to the age and personal habits person to whom the gift is intended. Agree notebook with a kitten as a gift to my grandmother practically irrelevant, but rather to delight her granddaughter. Or, for example, sneakers with the kittens for a boss could be interpreted as a sign of a particularly proximity or even play a role to discredit his wife. As the new year – mainly a family holiday, discuss what can be presented as a gift in it this year, numerous and expensive relatives. Mom. The first word, key word, and, of course, the most expensive in the world people for all of us.

A little of your attention, warmth and caring – all she needed, especially in this day and let the wealth become the prerogative of a gift from friends and acquaintances. Give Mom least half an hour of his precious time, help to set the table or do the house cleaning – that can serve as an expensive gift, especially if you do not live together and seldom You Think. Mom will also be pleased to any gift, in which you put a piece of heat, whether it's embroidered portraits of the kittens, hand-made photo frames, gloves fashionable today with rabbit ears, felt or a piece of soap, which can also be featuring one of the symbols of the coming year. Father. Most often, this is the most conservative member of the family, but for him a serious hobby (fishing, hunting, tourism) in the same way as native couch watching television.

Rio Grande

Posted By on March 18, 2014

In the province of the Rio Grande of the North, some people isentavam themselves by means of payment of an amount in money, that served as contribution for the businesses of the war. She has in the reports of president Luiz Barbosa Silva, a list of ‘ ‘ doadores’ ‘ ; let us take as example the case of a captain of the national guard who donated to the amount de1: 500$ (a story and five hundred a thousand kings) for itself, three son-in-laws and a grandson, thus fulfilling with its duties of patriots, not needing to go to the war. By the same author: health organizations. Practical they had thus become common, over all from 1868, when the placed exemptions above had been being gradual suppressed to the measure that grew the necessity of urgency in the conscription. The creation of the Bodies of volunteers, the conscription of National Guarda, as well as the decree that restored the conscription ‘ ‘ indiscriminado’ ‘ , it still generated bigger demands how much to the power local, that had been supplied in some ways, aiming at maintenance it its power, had been created ‘ ‘ meios’ ‘ so that the imperial decrees and institutions did not reach them as the remain of the population. The conscription of national guards was foreseen by decree, intervening, thus, in a natural habitat of the colonels, therefore National Guarda very becomes a type of ‘ ‘ policy of coronel’ ‘ , they served before everything keeping the security of the great large states, and the proper colonels, and even though in the hour to be convoked for the service they passed for the approval of the local heads.

Plastic Bags And Ecology

Posted By on March 17, 2014

To make possible the substitution of the plastic bags, store of great transport, as supermarkets and nets of pharmacy, will go to repurchase 25% of the recycled material of catadores of garbage, throughout one year. Taking Control of Your Diabetes may not feel the same. In this stated period also, the traders if had compromised to change, gradual, the plastic bags for the ones of paper. Credit: MFA-2011. According to Minc, the objective of the law is to finish with excess of played plastic material in the street. The secretary calculates that they circulate in the commerce of the River about a billion of plastic bags and 900 million bottles PET, per year. Each family would use per year 66 bags for month, discarding in the garbage 40 kilos of plastic per year. ' ' We need to acquire knowledge the population. The plastic bags take years to degrade themselves. Entopem culverts, poluem rivers and lagoons. The government spends about R$ 15 million per year to drag the rivers. The commerce does not go to want to be the villain of ecologia' ' , Minc said.

Harry Potter

Posted By on March 17, 2014

With the exception of New York, which I visited as a normal person, and which I liked. Dr Iorwerth Peate follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Last year, the first time I went on safari in Africa. It was a challenge (perhaps fate), as David turned only five months, but it was really wonderful. Can I help you to gain experience? – I really feel that anyone would like to help me, but to be honest, he would have nothing did not have to do. I'm just sitting in a room or a cafe and write, and I do it better than most, with no assistants. Connect with other leaders such as J.P. Collier here. October 5, 2004.

Do you believe in fate? – No, I believe in hard work and good luck in the fact that the first often leads to the second. Do you write every day? – No. I write almost every day when I'm working on a book (like now), but to work every day – bad for my children. I love to spend time on them. Subsection "Other" You will be able to use what some of my ideas in the following the Harry Potter books? – Books have planned so thoroughly that for new ideas, there is simply no place left. Fanfiction – it is really a remarkable phenomenon, and I'm proud when I think how much ingenuity has initiated Harry Potter. Where do I send my letter to you? – My publisher, he will forward it to me.

I can play in a film? – I'm afraid I have no influence on the selection of candidates. Write to Warner Brothers. Will you sign my book? – Each of my sixty-something publisher, my agent, my friends, my family and my neighbors are constantly attacked by people who want what I would have signed his book. Honestly I could not sign all those books, even if quit working, eating and sleeping. To date, I give books autographed for charity or in very special cases. I am sorry, but I think you would be better if I write the sixth and the seventh book than spend the rest of his life, signing books from first to fifth. So please, please, please do not send me books to sign. I can not without regret, sent to look at books that are still return to the recipients.

False Message

Posted By on March 16, 2014

For several days envoy has supposedly been circulating in the Dominican Republic an electronic mail around the General Office of the judge advocate general of the Republic, alerting on supposed transfers that were being sold and/or giving in the schools and schools of the country, which supposedly are impregnated of the drug Dietilamida of Lysergic Acid, better well-known by its abbreviations in English like LSD, thus we came to investigate on this individual, determining that one is a false warning on the possibility that young small, they can get to absorb substances injurious (LSD), through contact with self-adhesive figures and tattoos. Who been have investigated from 90 years this type of messages, they assure that to the date (almost twenty years later) she has not tried on that has existed no case of children who have received some dose of any type of drug, through transfers or impregnated tattoos of this drug. Than if there is certainty it is that in the year 1992, were put to circulate by means of you photocopy of a version in English of this type of messages, in paper stamped of the hospital of Danbury, in the EE.UU. One second version of the same, propagated in 1998. This version, was almost one textual copy of the distributed one (in English), and that simulated to be offered by the same hospital, in you photocopy of a steering wheel with the title " Warning to padres". Indeed in date 11 of June of the 1998, this hospital officially gave account that this warning was false, alerted by the great amount of telephone calls and consultations on the matter. Another message that is known with the same text, this one time in Spanish, dated in Madrid day 02 of April of the 2001, very similar a the other, supposedly left the Unit of Social Paediatrics of the University Hospital Young Jesus, it was put to circulate in Spain, also being distributed by means of you photocopy and by fax, since the electronic mail was not so common.

The Advantages

Posted By on March 10, 2014

Ie House could start to build, with almost no money – agreed to supply building materials in exchange for a future apartment. Double sales occurred when a contractor at some point burst contract because, for example, that he did not put a time-bound pipe. A contractor has continued to sell the apartment, which he no longer had any rights. It must be admitted that barter some time ago could be used in home construction. In recent months, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has been very successful. Just today, they are not as popular. With the advent of bank loans in the building, they should disappear completely. Construction of the house were several organizations, each of which sold out its share of the apartment.

If the partners, builders had conflicts, shady organization shifted onto the shoulders of their shareholders. Despite the advantages of certain risks and often long periods of time, in an apartment in a new home many advantages – good planning, new communication, the neighbors of equal social status, a choice of finishes, redevelopment and consolidation of flats under construction in a relatively small surcharge, the absence of a succession of previous transactions, installment. In new houses and apartments a lot of attractive, but you always hear about scandals, some houses stand unfinished. Many are afraid to even think about paying money to housing under construction. And at the same time in Karaganda in recent years a number of houses built, and when the house was being completed, almost all the apartments are sold. So buy or not? In the past year and a half, those who could earn an apartment or pay for it in the construction process, it chose an apartment in the new house.

Lodging in old houses to buy in Basically, if you are interested in a certain place where there are no new houses or renovation. Or you can not wait. But be that as it may, I suggest that you carefully and with great care to approach the issue of participation in share construction. If you are unsure of themselves in their abilities, it is best to contact the experts who can help you in buying a home.

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